Monday, July 28, 2008

This is a TOUGH one!!!!

8 things I am passionate about…in no particular order:
1. The Gospel
2. Getting a good education (even if I started a little late)
3. Helping my family out.
4. My Family
5. Traveling
6. Friends
7. Money (sad but true!)
8. My House being clean.

8 Books I Have Read And Enjoyed
1. The Scriptures
2. Twlight Series
3. The Children of the Promise Series
4. Fire of the Covenent
5. He's not that into you.
6. Articles in the Ensign
7. Sorry not a big reader!!!!
8. ???

8 Words/Phrases I Say Often
1. I want a pop
2. Why is it dark already!!!!
3. Are you kidding me?
4. What do I do?
5. It'll be for the best.
6. I miss Alaska.
7. It's too hot!
8. You went to the slides? (My neice is obsessed with the slides at the park)

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die (in no particular order)
1. Get my masters degree
2. Go give help to little children in other countries that need it.
3. Travel around Europe.
4. Get married
5. Have kids
6. Run a marathon with my sister.
7. Plant a lawn for my parents.
8. Go back to Hawaii

8 Things I Learned This Past Year
1. I can do whatever I want!!!
2. Sometimes I make rash decisions based on emotions and not logic.
3. I like being brunette even though I love blonde hair on other people.
4. I am grateful more than ever for the family that I have!!!
5. Sometimes people aren't what they seem even if you think you know them.
7. I can stand for what I believe.
8. I am an OVER reactor!!!!!

8 places I want to see
1. The temple (go through it)
2. Europe
3. Fiji
4. New York in the Sping time.
5. Disney Land (I know I'm 27 and never been)
6. A cruise somewhere that takes ALONG time.
7. Russia
8. Mexico

8 things I miss
1. Growing up
2. Alaska and my friends there.
3. A job that I love.
4. All my friends that are married now.
5. My Murano
6. Spending whatever I wanted on clothes
7. My Grandpa
8. Going riding 4 wheelers in the mountains

8 things I currently want/need
1. A Degree
2. A new car
3. A Tan
4. A vacation
5. A job in Logan
6. Someone to make out with (sorry I don't have a husband like the rest of ya and I'm just being honest)
7. Lunch
8. a tube to go down the river on!!!

8 People I Want To Tag
1. Kristy
2. Annie
3. Aunt Lynette
4. Lindsey
5. Ames
6. Chelsey
7. Whoever else wants toooooo


Jason said...

I feel like I know you so well, yet I still learned so much!! First of all- never thought I would here you say you missed Alaska! Also, don't worry, I'm 28 and I've also never been to Disney Land! Yup- going to San Diego this week and it's not even on the agenda. I love that you love being brunnette -cause I love it too, and I also love you and hope you know that things really will be great- just give it a little more time.

Lindy said...

Ha Ha!! I'm laughing sooo hard right now! I didn't know I was signed in under Jason! He really didn't say all those things...that would be awkward!

Matt and Brianna said...

Dude, I was so thinking That was sooo weird of Jason to say!!! Phew!! It was just lin!! ANyway, appreciate your honesty!! Ya know about making out and all!! (enjoy while you can! Cause it seriously stops when you get married) I love you stefy!!!!

SANDERS said...

Stef there is time I did not make it to disneyland till 29 don't worry. Man O Man I wish I lived by you I have a tube to float down the river. It was so much fun!!!! YOU CRACK ME UP!!

Jeremy & Laura said...

I hate working too, Cassy had a girl I haven't seen her yet but hopefully when I go up for the fair I will. Will you be around during the fair??