Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I said YES!

I'm going to be Mrs Mitch Mann!!!!! Mitch asked me to marry him on Saturday and I said Yes!

The Story:

Mitch called me on Thursday the 28th and said he had to cancel going to Thriller with me on me to go winterize the houseboat down in Powell on Saturday. I told him it was okay and I could just go with my friends. Then he said that he would be going down alone and that changed my mind. There was no way I was going to not go with him. 4 hours alone down and back to Powell would suck. So Saturday rolls around and he comes to get me (after my brother and sister in law put the thought in my head that maybe he would be asking me) As we are driving I am thinking he would ask, then he said something about getting married in June and all hopes for him to ask me were gone!!!!! We get to Lake Powell and he gets 2 boxes out of the trunk, one of which he said was something to change out the "Flux capacitor" and yes I believed him thinking "I've heard that before must be a houseboat thing" So we start the walk to the houseboat and I of course after that long in a car need to use the bathroom. We get to the houseboat and he said the water was drained and I would have to walk back up to the little store thing and use it there. So I left and was gone about 10 minutes and came back, the door was locked....I walk around and check the back door, locked as well. I went back to the front door and it was open so I open the door and there Mitch was holding a dozen roses, 40 candles lit, 5 more dozen roses on the couch and he had changed into a suit!!!!!! He told me how much he loved me and that he wanted to make me dinner for me but we would start with dessert, got on one knee and pulled out a Ring Pop, asked me to marry him, I obviously said YES!!!! Then he told me my ring wasn't going to be done till the end of next week but he couldn't wait for a few reasons: 1 Saturday the 30th was exactly 1 year from the first day we ever met. 2, the house boat was getting some work done and it was going to be the last time he could porpose there this year and since our first date was in Lake Powell and he was there when I knew I loved him and the first time we talked about getting married was in lake powell (all 3 different trips, we are not that crazy!) he found it the exact right place to ask me! And he was right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After he asked me he made me dinner with all my favorite things to eat! He did everything PERFECT! I love him so much and can't wait to start our lives together!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Canvas Print

Just thought I would share this, it is a free 8x10 canvas print, all you pay is shipping! Maybe a good christmas gift, ya never know!

Sorry I am at work and can't add the picture link but check it out!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Okay so if anyone is out there really reading this blog of mine you already know that I have not had a job for over 3 months now. And if you are wondering what that is like well let me tell you. Bitter sweet for the first I'd say about 3 weeks. Then just bitter, and now for the past 4 weeks it is just down right depressing. I mean don't get me wrong I find so much to do every day. I work out, look for jobs, and have actually done a lot of service and gone to the temple more than I would have if I had a job. Learned how to bake fun things and so so so many more things but still find myself in this funk that I can't seem to get out of! It is hard and it is honestly the little things that pull ya through. So this is my little thing about tonight that will be keeping me happy well for who knows how long... Went to the Real Soccer game (which was way fun and they won) but David Cook who I have LOVED ever since he stepped foot on Amerian Idol was preforming and well I touched him A LOT!!!! He came out and shook my hand and gazed looked me directly in the eyes!! After he came into the crowd and WE ALL got to touch him, hug him, rub him and feel his amazingly strong biceps. Take about star struck. All of us were FREAKING out! I love him and he is AWESOME live!!!! Thank you David Cook!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So Angels & Airwaves have become one of my favorite bands ever and they do sing my favorite song EVER called Breathe but anyway, last night we went to the concert and it was very very very good. I just love people that have talent!! This is my favorite song but you can't really hear it cause people are singing and well my camera is the worst.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday's with nothing to do.....

Julie and I had the place to ourselves today after church and had NOTHING to do. So we watched the golfers for a while (sometimes they are good lookin), got sick of that and went and made this cookies to try and take to our old lady neighbor but she wasn't home :( I'm just greatful that Julie was here with me today. Most days I am home alone all day not having a job and all and it is BORING!!!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Vegas Round 2

We went to Vegas for Krista's birthday and too meet up with our friends that live in California , Taylor and Jerry. It was a great ol time. Oh and I lost my job.The world of unemployment does have its perks but I need a job!!! lots going on theses days.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Vegas Vacation!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

My latest obsession...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Hike...

Julie and I got home from the hike and went into our seperate rooms to get ready for the night and when we came out this is what we were wearing!!! Great minds think alike. (don't worry I changed before we left.)

Me and Myla just takin some pictures along the trail. I LOVE this girl!!!!!

Some more self photos.

Say Cheese!

Even though this things stunk Ava loved them and got ALL the way in the water!


Cami and Ava playin in the water.

Startin on the trail...I was winning the race (nobody knew we were racin)

Ava and Myla got to ride in the wagon for a while. Such Cute little girls!

Chris and Cami invited us to go with them on a little family hike. It was so much fun! Thank you so much for inviting us!!! I love hanging out with them. We went up Spanish Fork hot pots. They STUNK so so so so bad.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My start to summer....

We went to California and stayed with my friend Taylor. This is the trip in reverse cause I don't know how to switch them! This is before church ..

The Beach during our boating trip...

Me Krista Julie and Taylor on the beach.....

Mission Bay in the night with our new friends Julio and Miguel....

Our first day there, I have no clue what beach we are on.....

Oh a date to a bar....Krista's date sang in a compitation and WON!!! Congrats to him.

Julie and I on the beach. It was her first time!!! I loved vacationing with her it was our FIRST vacation together!

Julie got really hugry on the pier....

On our way to San Diego. Julie's first time on a Plane!!!!!!!!!

Kelly Clarkson Concert!!!

WE were kinda far away but it was a Blast I wish with all my heart I could sing like this girl!