Thursday, December 27, 2007

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Where's the Help?!?!

My Grandma and Mom were cutting up the biggest squash I have ever seen in my life for Julie and I to take back home with us. Julie and I helped a lot as you can see.

8 Second Ride!

Well my mom got the grandkids this little rocking horse for Christmas but none of them were there to enjoy it so Julie and I decided to see if it was going to be safe for the kids.

Christmas Present to Myself.......

For the next 5 years!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Winter Wonderland!

Today is the first big snow storm I've been in Utah County for. I know it snowed last weekend but I was gone. So this is the first one I have been in. It snowed about 3 inches in 1 hour and it is still going! I love it!!! Other than I have to drive to SLC tonight to go to my work Christmas Partyn(that is why I am in a dress I don't just wear that on a regular saturday afternoon, oh and I know it's hot with Ugg's). Other than that I LOVE SNOW!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sleeping Beauties!

You can't really see Myla very well but when we drove to Wayne
County last weekend, Julie and I fell asleep on Myla's car seat
with her, so all 3 of us were asleep and Cami turned around and
took a picture of us. And I know my face looks HUGE in it but I
had to post it anyway!

Everyone's Leaving Me!!!

Taunie got a job in St George at the city of Ivans police department. So she is leaving Utah County and going there on the 21st of December! I'm so sad, She and I are the only two left in our "group" that are not married and now she is leaving so I'm going to be here alone. It is so sad! I am happy for her though, this came up at the most perfect time for her! I know she is going to be happy there and I know she is needed there, her family I'm sure are the happiest! But I guess the good news is I have a wonderful weekend get away spot now, Taunie's couch!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cool things I never knew.....

So this is Jamie Pace. I hung out with him this weekend we went and saw Martian Child. That movie is kinda weird. But I learned that you can text pictures to your email or others emails!! So this is the pic that I sent from Jamie's phone to test it out... Works really good. Sorry if you don't like your pic on the internet Jamie but its okay I promise.

Christmas Tree Trip to Wayne

I am sitting here watching the Christmas Devotional. It is really good. I love that I am a member of this church! And I love the Christmas season. Yesterday we went to Wayne County cause Chris and Cami and Pat need to get a tree. So we all went down. The only one that wasn't there was Gary and Deneene and their kids. I didn't really take alot of pictures other than of Myla cause she is so dang cute. As you can see for yourself. I have a cute video of her but have no clue how to load it onto this so sorry....

Saturday, November 24, 2007

6 things you may not know.....

I was tagged by Kristy to tell 6 things that people may not know about me!!

1. I have the HARDEST time making up my mind about anything. From breakfast to what I want to do with the rest of my life.

2. I've been in love one time and I'd have to say I really do recommend it for people. It was the best ever and actually the worst when it had to end. (there's more to that story but I'm not getting into the details.

3. I want to be a Speech Pathalogist I of now that is. We'll see what happens when it actaully comes time to choose. But I want to be able to help people. Specailly kids. I think it is fo fun to help someone.

4. I love frozen cookies. They are my weakness. I like them to be flat too, so they don't look appealing but they taste really good. My mom makes them the best I think.

5. I cry alot. Not because I am depressed or a freak or anything but just when something is touching or sad or even really happy that is what I do. I can't help it. Julie tells me it is a talent, I think just to make me feel better about it cause it embarasses me.

6. I would LOVE to go to Europe. I really want to go. I was planning to go in March but then I got put on Jury Duty in SLC until the end of April and from what I understand is that I can't leave the state now. If I would have bought the tickets two weeks before I would have been able to go as planned! But I guess I'll have to wait now.

And now I am goint to tag....Jenni, Lindy and Brooke

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This is Julie and I at dinner before the Keith Urban concert. I know I posted it already but I just got this pic's tonight so I had to put Julie on here. She is the cutest and best sister in the whole world! After we ate we went to the concert where I realized that I left my credit card at the resturant!! I had a panac attack about but after the concert they still had my card!! I was so relieved!!!

Test about ME!!

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Sleeping Baby!!!

This is my nephew William Collin Taylor. He was having a little power nap before going to actual bed like 45 minutes later. His mom and dad left him with us when they went to watch my brother in the high school musical. I guess we were so much fun we just wore him right out.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Misquite Nevada!!!

We went to St George to help Jenni's sisters with their kids for a little bit of the week. So that Saturday we went to Misquite to go play Bingo. It was way fun even though we lost and everything but it was totally worth it. I wanted to go to the big tables but it made me way to nervous cause Jenni and I had a run in in Vegas trying to gamble just the slots and it was embarassing cause 2 guys had to help us and then a worker came over too. So instead of making idoits of ourselves again we just did the bingo and called it good!! But I totally recommend playing bingo it was fun!!


We went to a halloween party and got our groove on. It was up at this HUGE HUGE HUGE house up this canyon in Springville the house was called Spring Haven. But we forgot our camera so when we got home we had to take pictures! I was a FDNY, Jenni was Super Women and Todd was the Wendy's commercial. It was fun!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

It gets worse!!!

Jenni and I went to Wayne County and went hiking in Capital Reef and then went to Richfield and went shopping.....then my breaks went out. We were stuck in Richfield walking around. We went and bought our lunch and sat on someone's lawn. After we walked the streets of Richfield waiting for my car we had to get back to PG to go on a date, which after going on the date we wished we would have stayed stranded in Richfield!!!

Keith Urban

Julie and I bought tickets to Keith Urban back in Feburary!! So we had to wait till September 11th to go!! But it was VERY VERY worth the wait. I loved every last second of the concert and I love that it was Julie and I that got to go and have a little sister time.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Look Alikes.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

This is Joel, Jenni and I on one small motorcycle. We went up to Kamas to ride 4 wheelers and got the bright idea to all ride home instead of wait for everyone else. Not a bad idea when we started but holding your feet up so they don't drag on the road for 15 miles got really painfull!!! I'm out of shape if anyone wondered!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cutest Neices ever!

This is my neice's Myla (Chris and Cami's baby) and Jenzie (Gary and Daneene's) they have to be the cutest little girls ever!!!

Restless Heart

We had tickets to Restless Heart on Monday. Don't worry that they are so old!!! But I knew every song and I owe it to Chuck the bus driver when I was in grade school. They must have been his fav. group cause I was totally taken back to those bus rides! Michelle and Jordan and some other kid went with me. It was amazing! You all should attend a Restless heart concert sometime before they die!!!!

Id don't know what is going on in this one pic but I look like a hungry little bird!

Goin Fishin in the Dark

Rick took us all out to the Jordan River one night out in Lehi to go fishing. We were only out there for like not even 2 hours and never even got a bite. But it was very funn!

I finally did it!!!!

I have been wanting to go dark for a good 4 years now but never had the guts I guess. But I finally did it and I love it!!! Lindy did it for me, if anyone wants her number you just let me know!

Friday, March 30, 2007


When we went to St George we went and watched the Emery High School girls softball team play so we could be with Amy longer. While I was there I saw this guy that I wanted to marry but after the game I couldnt' find him it was sad but it was a fun time anyway. The sunset was really pretty too. I think I could live in St George.

These aren't in order!!

These pic's I realize have not been going in order but o well. Here are some random temple pic's from christmas and from when we went to St. George. I love to see the temple!! The christamas ones are from when Taun got us tickets to the Christmas Devotional.

I tried to cook!!!

I had a wonderful idea for dinner to make hamburgers and homemade buns. I totally thought I could do it and they did taste wonderful, the size of them was the big concern!! But after talkin to my mom to figure out what I did wrong I realized I just didn't wanna try and fix it. So we ate this mini hamburgers.