Sunday, July 20, 2008

Here it goes...

i am: watching Hairspray.
i know: I don't know what to do with life right now.
i want: everyone to be happy that I love.
i have: Blessings!
i wish: that is just something I will know!!!
i hate: When people know EVERYTHING even when they don't.
i miss: Alaska.
i fear: Gas prices
i feel: hungry
i hear: Zac Effron Singing
i smell: Chicken cooking
i crave: candy
i search: for a car.
i wonder: how things will turn out
i regret: being so selfish about things
i love: My Family
i care: about peoples feelings.
i always: wonder what I'm doing and what I should be doing.
i am not: organized
i believe: families can be together forever
i dance: I wish.
i sing: very loud when I am alone.
i fight: myself?!?!
i write: on my blog is about it.
i lose: my thoughts.
i win: uh last thing I won was top 5 in the All Star Servers in Alaska. (but I guess I erned that!)
i never: thought I'd be homeless!!
i listen: to good advice
i am scared: Being alone
i need: Pop every day.
i am happy about: my family being there for me right now while I'm such a mess
i tag: Laura, Lindsey, Julie


Matt and Brianna said...

yeah!! good job!!

The Beals said...

Hey you! What in the world! I havn't seen or talked to you FOREVER!!! How are you? Hope you are doing good!

Greg and Lisa said...

We are going to Disneyland! Why did I not know you had been there? I promise, you are coming next time we go! I love reading your blog. I miss being around you every day! Lis