Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I was reading the messages that people wrote and there was one from YOLDA or something stupid that I didn't know and I opened it and it was a virus and my computer is now on some 4 hour long fix!! So everyone WATCH OUT!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

What happens in Vegas......

Jenni Taunie and I went over the weekend and hung out in St George and then in Vegas. Friday night we went and saw Vantage Point and it was SO SO SO good. I recomend it to all! There were also a group of people before us that hated it so I guess it depends on who you are but I would say it is one of the best I have ever seen. Then we Saturday we went to Vegas and poor Lyle was such a trooper cause he was with 3 girls that wanted to shop and very apeasing so we couldn't decide on ANYTHING. I did get to gamble at a table for the first time in my life and well I lost my twenty bucks in like I'd say 4 minutes or less. And I could see how it is addicting cause I felt like I HAD to win my money back (although I didn't try) so I can only imagine that if you were winning it would be even better!!! We went to eat at some buffett that was so super dang expensive so it sucks but it was good. I just wish I were more hungry. But I did eat shrimp, SICK!!!! But then we went to the Toby Keith Bar to do some good ol Country dancing! It was way fun. I did not get any pictures of me dancing because believe me nobody wants to see that other than all thoughs people that were drunk there that will not remember it in the morning.....

Jenzie & Colin

I went to get away from Utah County for a few days and so I stayed with my brother Gary in Cedar City and his kids are so cute! As you can see Jenzie has fire red hair and She has the CUTEST personality ever!!!! She is so cute and caring and dramatic with and amazing personality. Colin he is a little younger but still the cutest and most content kid ever! I just love them both so much!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Rascel Flatts here we come!!!

Rascel Flatts here we come!!! We got tickets on saturday for the concert on March 7th!!! It seems so far away but I guess it is actually pretty close concidering that when I went to Keith Urban we had our tickets like 9 monthes in advance!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sundance Film Festival!

We went up to Park City for a night of the Sundance Film Festival. Let me tell ya. Not to exciting!! We dove up there and ate and watched Paris Hilton get out of her car and walk into a bar. Nothing exciting at all. It was fun to be with friends but nothing you couldn't do around here and stay ALOT warmer!! It was so cold up there!!!!

Utah Jazz Basketball!!

I got to go to the Jazz game last Friday night. I was going to take Julie for a sister day cause she has never been to a Jazz game, and thought what a great first game to go to seats on the 13th row. She ended up not being able to go so Jenni came with me. I made Julie promise the next time I had tickets this close to actually touch the Jazz bear and see the very handsome Kyle Korver up close and Boozers wonderful calves that she would drop everything and come!!!!