Friday, March 30, 2007


When we went to St George we went and watched the Emery High School girls softball team play so we could be with Amy longer. While I was there I saw this guy that I wanted to marry but after the game I couldnt' find him it was sad but it was a fun time anyway. The sunset was really pretty too. I think I could live in St George.

These aren't in order!!

These pic's I realize have not been going in order but o well. Here are some random temple pic's from christmas and from when we went to St. George. I love to see the temple!! The christamas ones are from when Taun got us tickets to the Christmas Devotional.

I tried to cook!!!

I had a wonderful idea for dinner to make hamburgers and homemade buns. I totally thought I could do it and they did taste wonderful, the size of them was the big concern!! But after talkin to my mom to figure out what I did wrong I realized I just didn't wanna try and fix it. So we ate this mini hamburgers.

Christmas 06

Our friends Russ and Todd did a Christmas concert for us up at the High School where Russ teaches. It was so fun they really are really talanted. The concert was like an hour long. It was fun I've never done anything like that before. Forsure if we are friends this christmas we will want to do it again!

Just waitin for breakfast.

My roommates and I went over to our friend Russ's house for breakfast one morning and had a little time to kill so we took pictures. Ohhhh and my hair color just went dark so its a little frightening.

Spring Break 07

For spring break this year we (Jenni, Taunie, Michelle, Pam) went to St. George and spent the better part of the week at Taunie's parents condo. We went to Las Vegas one day and went hiking and then just went and found a random pool to lay out at on the last day. Oh and Amy came down and hung out with us for a while!!! We definatly need to take more trips.