Sunday, October 28, 2007

Misquite Nevada!!!

We went to St George to help Jenni's sisters with their kids for a little bit of the week. So that Saturday we went to Misquite to go play Bingo. It was way fun even though we lost and everything but it was totally worth it. I wanted to go to the big tables but it made me way to nervous cause Jenni and I had a run in in Vegas trying to gamble just the slots and it was embarassing cause 2 guys had to help us and then a worker came over too. So instead of making idoits of ourselves again we just did the bingo and called it good!! But I totally recommend playing bingo it was fun!!


We went to a halloween party and got our groove on. It was up at this HUGE HUGE HUGE house up this canyon in Springville the house was called Spring Haven. But we forgot our camera so when we got home we had to take pictures! I was a FDNY, Jenni was Super Women and Todd was the Wendy's commercial. It was fun!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

It gets worse!!!

Jenni and I went to Wayne County and went hiking in Capital Reef and then went to Richfield and went shopping.....then my breaks went out. We were stuck in Richfield walking around. We went and bought our lunch and sat on someone's lawn. After we walked the streets of Richfield waiting for my car we had to get back to PG to go on a date, which after going on the date we wished we would have stayed stranded in Richfield!!!

Keith Urban

Julie and I bought tickets to Keith Urban back in Feburary!! So we had to wait till September 11th to go!! But it was VERY VERY worth the wait. I loved every last second of the concert and I love that it was Julie and I that got to go and have a little sister time.