Friday, June 13, 2008

Denali Alaska!!

Krista, Kevin, Brett and I got to go up to Denali for 3 days for a "group honeymoon" (from the looks we got from everyone and all our pictures look.) from work. It was the best ever cause we got to do more than $1500.00 worth of stuff for less than $200.00, there are blessings that come from working for the tourist industry. We got to stay in these fun little cabins for free and eat every meal for free. I'll start out with our rooms and then just show the rest of our vacation!! It was really what has made me enjoy Alaska!!!

Huskey Homestead!!!

This was one of the funnest things we did, I know it seems weird but it was. We got to hold puppies and then Jeff King has won the idiarod (spelling?) 4 years in a row. He showed us and told us how they train their dogs and how they choose what dogs to take out. How much it costs to feed all the dogs and how they choose the names for them. He also had someone come in in this snow outfit that they have to wear out there and it was so much you couldn't even see the person in it. He loves those dogs so much. They were so nice and seriously it is quit a sport what he does!!!

Dinner Theater Night.

This was an old time dinner theater that they fed us and sang and danced. It was family style so we sat with people we didn't know and had to use all our dinner manners like please pass and thank you and all that good stuff. It was pretty fun. There was this lady that if you put a dollar up over someone's head and said here kitty kitty kitty she would come kiss them on the cheek or if it was a girl a boy would come kiss them. We got Krista and Kevin Kissed.....

ATV Rides!!

We got to go riding ATV's for one of the things and Krista and I loved our tour guide Tony, he is from Bolgaria and we work with a lot of them on the train and they are honestly the nicest people I have ever in my life met! We got to wear these wonderful yellow outfits to stay dry cause it rains alot up here during the summer. Kev-o decided not to wear one and fell in the river. Krista's made her look like a midget and Brett's made him look like a #2 pencil, and mine made me huge so I'm not sure who got the better end of all of it us or Kevin.

White Water Rafting!!

So this was one of our fun adventures! Not many pictures of it cause the camera would have been ruined and I don't remember the name of the river we went down either. We had to wear these awesome dry suits because the water is only 32 degrees so if one of us fell in we would have froze. There was the oldest lady ever in the raft behind us I was so proud of her for going!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flight Tour Around Mt McKinley!!

And this is where I work...

This is where I work if any of you were wondering...Glamourous as you thought?? NOPE!!

Train Down Time.....

I have no clue how to write next to each photo so I can't even explain what is going on but you can just guess!!