Monday, May 12, 2008

Seward Alaska!

Yesterday we went to Seward, I'm not sure where it is even. But it is near the ocean. We went out to look for whales, we didn't see one. But we did see sea lions, seals, porposes (those were to fast for pictures) and Amy it did smell wonderful out there!!!! The boat was seriously so bumpy out there and I wanted to get to the front to take pictures with my roommates so I was trying to walk up there and fell down and could not get back up cause of the way it was moving so I had to crawl over and it was in front of our whole group who on the way down there we stopped at a senic over look to take pic's and I jumped over the cement wall and just kept going when I got over the other side and when I finally got up everyone was watching. So 2 times in one day they got to see how clutsy I really am!!!!

Our Humble Home!!

So Krista and I rolled in to Anchorage on a Sunday night. We were so happy to finally be here and just couldn't wait to get out of the car. We found our hotel and well this is all that we found. Also there is a website for them called check it out, you will be able to see what we see happening around us on a daily basis. Its kinda exciting!!! Oh and don't worry we have cleaned the heck out of our house now and it is actually cute and we don't mind it. Oh there are 7 girls living in this one bedroom house!!!! I can only say that people live in alot less than this and are truely happy so I think I can hack it just fine for the next few months.

Our Drive to Alaska!

So it took us 4 long days to get here, but it was a beautiful drive and we had alot of fun!! The only delay we had was the one truck that rolled over and it only slowed us down for about 20 minutes. There were no places to get gas and food for miles sometimes so we would stop at the weirdest scariest places ever to get food but they without fail always ended up being so so so delicious!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Well What I wanted to do was put a pic of my cute little mom on here and do a little tribute to her but this internet connection here in our humble place of residence that I will hopefully show to you soon, has really bad internet connection so I can't load pictures. But I just wanted to say that I love my mom. She is the best. I miss her so much and I wish I could have spent the day with her or even talked to her today for more than 5 minutes today. My mom is so funny, the best cook (she doesn't think so), a good listener (when she is awake) and would do anything in her power to make sure that all of her children are happy and cared for. I know she can't read this cause she doesn't have internet access but I love her and I hope more than ever I become more like her as the days go by. And since she can't read this I will admit that when I get back from Alaska I plan to live with them again....well for a few weeks anyway!!