Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cutest Neices ever!

This is my neice's Myla (Chris and Cami's baby) and Jenzie (Gary and Daneene's) they have to be the cutest little girls ever!!!

Restless Heart

We had tickets to Restless Heart on Monday. Don't worry that they are so old!!! But I knew every song and I owe it to Chuck the bus driver when I was in grade school. They must have been his fav. group cause I was totally taken back to those bus rides! Michelle and Jordan and some other kid went with me. It was amazing! You all should attend a Restless heart concert sometime before they die!!!!

Id don't know what is going on in this one pic but I look like a hungry little bird!

Goin Fishin in the Dark

Rick took us all out to the Jordan River one night out in Lehi to go fishing. We were only out there for like not even 2 hours and never even got a bite. But it was very funn!

I finally did it!!!!

I have been wanting to go dark for a good 4 years now but never had the guts I guess. But I finally did it and I love it!!! Lindy did it for me, if anyone wants her number you just let me know!