Thursday, December 27, 2007

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Where's the Help?!?!

My Grandma and Mom were cutting up the biggest squash I have ever seen in my life for Julie and I to take back home with us. Julie and I helped a lot as you can see.

8 Second Ride!

Well my mom got the grandkids this little rocking horse for Christmas but none of them were there to enjoy it so Julie and I decided to see if it was going to be safe for the kids.

Christmas Present to Myself.......

For the next 5 years!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Winter Wonderland!

Today is the first big snow storm I've been in Utah County for. I know it snowed last weekend but I was gone. So this is the first one I have been in. It snowed about 3 inches in 1 hour and it is still going! I love it!!! Other than I have to drive to SLC tonight to go to my work Christmas Partyn(that is why I am in a dress I don't just wear that on a regular saturday afternoon, oh and I know it's hot with Ugg's). Other than that I LOVE SNOW!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sleeping Beauties!

You can't really see Myla very well but when we drove to Wayne
County last weekend, Julie and I fell asleep on Myla's car seat
with her, so all 3 of us were asleep and Cami turned around and
took a picture of us. And I know my face looks HUGE in it but I
had to post it anyway!

Everyone's Leaving Me!!!

Taunie got a job in St George at the city of Ivans police department. So she is leaving Utah County and going there on the 21st of December! I'm so sad, She and I are the only two left in our "group" that are not married and now she is leaving so I'm going to be here alone. It is so sad! I am happy for her though, this came up at the most perfect time for her! I know she is going to be happy there and I know she is needed there, her family I'm sure are the happiest! But I guess the good news is I have a wonderful weekend get away spot now, Taunie's couch!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cool things I never knew.....

So this is Jamie Pace. I hung out with him this weekend we went and saw Martian Child. That movie is kinda weird. But I learned that you can text pictures to your email or others emails!! So this is the pic that I sent from Jamie's phone to test it out... Works really good. Sorry if you don't like your pic on the internet Jamie but its okay I promise.

Christmas Tree Trip to Wayne

I am sitting here watching the Christmas Devotional. It is really good. I love that I am a member of this church! And I love the Christmas season. Yesterday we went to Wayne County cause Chris and Cami and Pat need to get a tree. So we all went down. The only one that wasn't there was Gary and Deneene and their kids. I didn't really take alot of pictures other than of Myla cause she is so dang cute. As you can see for yourself. I have a cute video of her but have no clue how to load it onto this so sorry....