Saturday, November 24, 2007

6 things you may not know.....

I was tagged by Kristy to tell 6 things that people may not know about me!!

1. I have the HARDEST time making up my mind about anything. From breakfast to what I want to do with the rest of my life.

2. I've been in love one time and I'd have to say I really do recommend it for people. It was the best ever and actually the worst when it had to end. (there's more to that story but I'm not getting into the details.

3. I want to be a Speech Pathalogist I of now that is. We'll see what happens when it actaully comes time to choose. But I want to be able to help people. Specailly kids. I think it is fo fun to help someone.

4. I love frozen cookies. They are my weakness. I like them to be flat too, so they don't look appealing but they taste really good. My mom makes them the best I think.

5. I cry alot. Not because I am depressed or a freak or anything but just when something is touching or sad or even really happy that is what I do. I can't help it. Julie tells me it is a talent, I think just to make me feel better about it cause it embarasses me.

6. I would LOVE to go to Europe. I really want to go. I was planning to go in March but then I got put on Jury Duty in SLC until the end of April and from what I understand is that I can't leave the state now. If I would have bought the tickets two weeks before I would have been able to go as planned! But I guess I'll have to wait now.

And now I am goint to tag....Jenni, Lindy and Brooke


Kristy said...

It's OK. I cry a lot too. Pierre hates it cause he can't fix it, and I can't really tell him why im crying. hahaha. I just am. It must run in our family. hahaha. Your cute. It was so good to see you again the other night. Lets get together. :0)

BZ said...

I'm just wondering where the pictures of your BEST friend are? Just wonderin