Thursday, June 10, 2010

Okay so if anyone is out there really reading this blog of mine you already know that I have not had a job for over 3 months now. And if you are wondering what that is like well let me tell you. Bitter sweet for the first I'd say about 3 weeks. Then just bitter, and now for the past 4 weeks it is just down right depressing. I mean don't get me wrong I find so much to do every day. I work out, look for jobs, and have actually done a lot of service and gone to the temple more than I would have if I had a job. Learned how to bake fun things and so so so many more things but still find myself in this funk that I can't seem to get out of! It is hard and it is honestly the little things that pull ya through. So this is my little thing about tonight that will be keeping me happy well for who knows how long... Went to the Real Soccer game (which was way fun and they won) but David Cook who I have LOVED ever since he stepped foot on Amerian Idol was preforming and well I touched him A LOT!!!! He came out and shook my hand and gazed looked me directly in the eyes!! After he came into the crowd and WE ALL got to touch him, hug him, rub him and feel his amazingly strong biceps. Take about star struck. All of us were FREAKING out! I love him and he is AWESOME live!!!! Thank you David Cook!!!!


Mary (The Sweet Bookshelf) said...

HILARIOUS!!! I'm glad you have something to hold on to!

When we moved to Scotland I didn't have a job for a year. It was nice for the first couple of weeks, then it sucked. I felt like I lived in my pj's for a year. I feel your pain. Good luck! Have you been looking out of state?

Sarah Bogh said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! I love how you described your physical contact! that is so hilarious! How cool though, I love David Cook.
What kind of a Job are you looking for? Not that jobs down here are plentiful but in some fields of work they are more available than others. have you checked down here in Vegas?

Jen & George Scott said...

So fun Stef!!! Looks like you had a blast!!!

Lynnette said...

Stefanie, I'm so glad you commented on my blog. Since you are a spray painter, I have a question for you! Do you think I should spray my chairs with a matte spray, because they are already getting little scratches on them - which wasn't supposed to happen with this fusion spray. I am a little concerned! You can just respond back on my blog, or you can email me at How are you doing anyway? I hear you and Kristy had so much fun. That makes me happy :) Hope to see you soon!