Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Big 21!!!

Julie is offically an adult today!!! CRAZY! She used to be just my cute little sister that would come visit me and I thought would never seem grown up but lets face it she has things more together than I do. But I'm okay with it in the way that I have someone to look up to! I really do admire this girl and want to be more like her. So far everone in my ward thinks I'm younger than Julie (bless their hearts) so I guess since Julie is now 21 they must think I'm about 19. But Happy Birthday Julie I LOVE YOU!!!


Jeremy and Laura said...

Oh wow...I can't believe that she is the big "21" I am feelin just a little old right now... You two look so much alike.... Tell her Happy Birthday... Will you be in Wayne for christmas?

Pike's Place said...

WOW i cant believe that either! Tell Julie i say Happy Birthday!

Jeremy and Laura said...

What would Christmas be like if you didn't spend it in good ol wayne...haha! I will be there for most of the week so we should have a get together and maybe go see cassy... cuz I have never seen her house.

Greg and Lisa said...

Stef, I so know about the looking up to the little sis thing. It's crazy that one day you are sitting in amazement at the coolness of your baby sis. However, you two are both some of the greatest girls I know! I love ya both! Happy belated Juls! Lis
p.s.thanks for finally posting something:)