Monday, October 13, 2008

Again with the Tag...

Sorry that the only time I post is when I get a tag. But I think my dear friend Beez knows it is the only way I will blog lately so here it goes!!!

My 8 obsessions right now..
1. Loosing Weight
2. Keeping my house clean.
3. Finding ways to serve people.
4. Waking up early.
5. Saving money.
6. The election this year.
7. (I'm addicted to Celeberity sleeze its said, but I blame an office job cause you get board)
8 words or phrases I use often..
2. Are you kidding me?!
3. Awe cuute... (thanks to my cute niece Myla)
4. What the heck is going on!!
5. Are you still doing laundry?
6. 23
7. I'm sick of sitting here!!
8. I'm cold.
8 things I want to do before I die..
1. Fall in love and get married.
2. Have a few kids
3. Go on a mission with my future husband!!
4. Meet my grandkids
5. Go to Greece
6. Get a lawn for my parents and a riding lawn mower so they can mow it when they are old and alone.
7. Own a Flower shop
8. A week vacation in Fiji!
8 things I want or need right now..
1. The washer and dryer to be avaliable for me to use!
2. Flat stomach
3. Advil
4. Insurance
5. A dresser
6. New purse
7. A drink of water
8. A new phone I keep dropping mine.
8 people I tag..
1. Kristy
2. Lisa
3. Tanya
4. Brooke
5. Jenni
6. Jen
7. Julie
8. Annie


Jeremy and Laura said...

I was starting to worry that you vanished!! Glad to see an update even if it's a tag!!

Sarah Bogh said...

hey stefanie, i just have to tell you, i am not sara anderson, i guess i need to put a pic of myself on here with my kids so you'll know which sarah i am huh?:)

Shannan and Josh said...

Hey Steph, how you doing? Hey I am having a baby shower soon and wanted you to come. Are you living around here or are you still adventouring around? Well I need your email address, cause it will be sent by e-invite. Love ya and hope to see you.