Friday, June 13, 2008

Denali Alaska!!

Krista, Kevin, Brett and I got to go up to Denali for 3 days for a "group honeymoon" (from the looks we got from everyone and all our pictures look.) from work. It was the best ever cause we got to do more than $1500.00 worth of stuff for less than $200.00, there are blessings that come from working for the tourist industry. We got to stay in these fun little cabins for free and eat every meal for free. I'll start out with our rooms and then just show the rest of our vacation!! It was really what has made me enjoy Alaska!!!


Lindy said...

Where do I begin?? It looks like you are having sooo much fun (at least most of the time...or at least when you're on honeymoons!)!! Seriously, I'm so proud of you for going-look at all the fun and awesome experiences you've had!I actually thought the train looks like a happy little place, you get a good view of nature. I'm glad you're hanging in there, but you are missed:) Also, who's the cute boy at the end???

P.S. I hate to say this, but you totally have roots!! Oh no! You might have to brave an Alaskan SCARY!!

westwoods said...

Hey fremont girl I can't believe that I somehow found your blog, but I am glad I did because we haven't seen or talked to each other in a long time. It looks like you are having a great time, hope to see sometime in good ol fremont.
Laura (New) Westwood

Greg and Lisa said...

Ok, you don't look bored at all. So, are you going to stay there or come home? From the looks, you should definitely are doing things that Greg would give a limb for...seriously. I can't believe that you are up there- it's beautiful. Are you having better feelings about the whole thing??
I have a blog now,
call me soon! love ya, Lis

Tammy said...

It looks like you are having so much fun out there! Be safe and keep us updated on all of your adventures!!!

Pike's Place said...

Stef it looks like you are having a great time there!! you are seeing so much, im soo jealous! You are doing a great job with the pictures too...its almost as if i was there with you!!! haha miss you!!!

westwoods said...

Hey Stef,
I have not found any more blogs of interest, but Tuskin wanted me to tell you hello, he is married to jeremy's sister so I see him alot and also I talked to cassy this weekend I am not sure if you keep in touch with her but she is almost to have baby #2 and looks soo cute pregnant.I am soo bad I haven't kept in touch with anybody, have you ???


Mary Lenora De Bastos said...

It looks like you are having so much fun!! I'm so glad!
Thanks for making the comment about what I should do with my life...I looked it up, a Life Coach! I'm looking into it! Thanks so much!!

Becky said...

It looks like you are having so much fun! Thanks for totally making me want to go to Alaska... Seriously though, what a cool and fun experience. Have fun making memories Lucky girl!